Very dry skin

If you have a lot of dry skin you can get eczema. It may be due to hereditary factors, allergies or exposure to harmful substances. There are different types of eczema, but one thing that usually occurs is that the skin surface changes and itches. Help is provided in the form of gentle cleansing that does not disrupt the skin's barrier function with a gentle day cream that provides extra protection for the skin.
Try to avoid substances that easily irritate the skin, such as water and detergents.
If you are hypersensitive to sunlight, you can avoid mild forms of sun eczema by slowly and gently getting used to the sun and using SkinPlan's patented sunscreen that is specially designed for sensitive and dry skin.

2002 - Sebo Control Cleanser Gel pH 5.9

2012 - Sebo Control Tonic pH 5.0

3002 - Skin Repair Day Cream

3021 - Vitamin A&E Mask

3023 - Superior Hydro Gel Mask

3023 - Superior Hydro Gel Mask

Superior Hydro Gel Mask
SEK 516.00

3031 - Hyaluronic Acid Eye Care Gel

3031 - Hyaluronic Acid Eye Care Gel

Hyaluronic Acid Eye Care Gel
SEK 828.00

4004 - Sensitive Skin Serum

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