Sensitive skin

May be congenital or your skin has become imbalanced. You may also experience a burning, tingling or tightening feeling. You should be careful about chemicals such as perfumes, especially those found in plasticizers after the wash. The scent is not rinsed completely and can cause irritation and cause eczema on the skin.

Dry skin

Dryness may be due to a weakened outer fat membrane. It causes the moisture in the skin to evaporate to a higher level. You get lighter dead skin cells which makes it harder for skin care products to penetrate the skin and act properly.

Normal skin

Normal skin is what we strive to get with SkinPlan. Then the skin is balanced with both moisture and fat. These two give the skin perfect protection from external stresses. Last but not least, the aging process of the skin is also slowed down.

Normal + Oily T-zon

Also known as mixed skin and is one of our most common skin types. It is characterized by the fact that the face has both fat and normal parts of the face. Usually it is the t-zone with forehead, nose, chin that tends to go towards normal or oily skin. The T zone also has larger pores. The skin tends to be glossy in these particular areas. skin surface.

Dry + Oily T-zon

This combination is usually difficult to handle as the two zones differ significantly.
On the one hand, the skin is oily at the T zone and at the same time dry on the remaining skin areas. Here it is important to use certain products such as SkinPlans Sebo Control Serum in the glossy areas and moisture on the others. Here, a lot of moisture is important for the entire face.

Oily skin

An oily skin type has overproduction of fat in the sebaceous glands and therefore becomes easily glossy and glossy. The pores are large and widened. This skin type can also get pimples, blemishes or blackheads.
SkinPlan has developed several different formulations for this skin type that have produced results.
We focused on adding a lot of moisture to the products. In this way, the skin softens and the high sebum production does not cause it to get stuck with dead skin cells in the pore canals anymore.

Oily + Dry skin

Often, oily skin is dry at the same time. This combination makes it impossible to know which products to invest in; oily or dry? There are hardly any products to buy that treat these two indications at the same time.
SkinPlan specializes in increasing the ingredients to solve both problems. If you have even got pimples then they are firmly stuck in the skin. It can be perceived as difficult and a temptation to squeeze pimples, but does not. Be patient and SkinPlan will solve the problem.

Acne prone skin

Here you should not squeeze pimples but have a little patience. The pinching can also lead to scarring, which in turn causes greater damage when the scar is permanent. SkinPlan has solved the problem of acne skin by focusing on high quality ingredients and not drying out the skin that so many do, here you moisturize properly.
You can also get acne in adulthood that can cause skin conditions such as rosacea. This does not only affect young people in their teens. This is due to hormone changes that occur in the body during this time. Most often everything disappears into adulthood with only a few occasional outbreaks. An important tip is to try to stop eating and drinking products with milk. There are several studies that indicate that it can cause acne. Dairy Intake and Acne Vulgaris: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 78,529 Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults. Christian R. Juhl, Helle K. M. Bergholdt, Iben M. Miller, Gregor B. E. Jemec, Jørgen K. Kanters, and Christina Ellervik. Nutrients. 2018 Aug; 10 (8): 1049.

Very dry skin

If you have a lot of dry skin you can get eczema. It may be due to hereditary factors, allergies or exposure to harmful substances. There are different types of eczema, but one thing that usually occurs is that the skin surface changes and itches. Help is provided in the form of gentle cleansing that does not disrupt the skin's barrier function with a gentle day cream that provides extra protection for the skin.
Try to avoid substances that easily irritate the skin, such as water and detergents.
If you are hypersensitive to sunlight, you can avoid mild forms of sun eczema by slowly and gently getting used to the sun and using SkinPlan's patented sunscreen that is specially designed for sensitive and dry skin.

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