Achieve perfect skin and forget about makeup


”Go makeup free” – the new self-assured woman

It started with an increasing number of well-known women choosing not to use makeup. Pictures began appearing in magazines and on Instagram of makeup-free stars such as Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes. Naturally this encouraged and influenced many other women in the world to do the same. ”A makeup-free face radiates a sense of assurance and of being confident in who you are”, says Martina Richter, Head of Development for SkinPlan. ”Making the decision to go makeup free is, of course, also easier if you have healthy and nice skin. Unfortunately, there is far too much focus placed on high-tech anti-ageing ingredients these days. Not everyone can use the same miracle cream to achieve perfect skin, that’s just not how things work. Furthermore, many women feel lost in the jungle of different products currently available”, adds Martina.

The thing that is truly important is getting to know your own skin. Different skin conditions require different solutions and the right ingredients. This is something that can only be achieved through a skin analysis and the use of skincare products that are based on studies with proven supporting scientific results. In this respect, SkinPlan is in a class of its own. We are also one of the few skincare companies that specialise in several different types of skin analyses. We welcome you to try out our skin test on our website. You may also like to try SkinPlan Analyzer 302 with the corneometer and sebumeter system, which is available at certified clinics and skincare salons. You always receive our SkinPlan Patch skin analysis with your SkinPlan order here in our shop. 1/3 of beauty is how you move, 1/3 is your posture and 1/3 is your appearance. Martina Richter

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