Vitamin C Booster

  • SKU SP8001
  • Packaging 3 gram

Active 98% vitamin C concentrate that reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation, increase skin elasticity and reduces large pores. Sprinkle a little Vitamin C Booster powder over a dollop day cream, mix with the index finger and apply the mixture all over your face.

Mix with a day cream to give a direct and visible results. Applied directly to the skin with your moisturizer and gives the skin a high dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C Booster brightens pigment spots, reduces the visibility of blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles and gives a more even skin tone.

Getting vitamin C effective in skin care is difficult. The vitamin oxidizes and decomposes the liquid in a short time. This is done in e.g. a cream or a serum. Groundbreaking Vitamin C Booster from SkinPlan is stable and is first broken down slowly when you mix it in your day cream. Content: 3 g

See our study on 3481 women aged 14 to 64 using Vitamin C Booster for 3 weeks. Over 80% detected an significant improvement

SEK 600.00

Active ingredients

Stable L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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